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15 Everyday Items to Recycle for Cash

Source: EcoSalon.com

Source: EcoSalon.com

Recycling is good, but getting a bit of cash makes it even better. From the usual cans and bottles to computers, cell phones and printer cartridges there’s money lying around your house for items you’re not using.

Here’s a list of items you can turn in for cash along with places to recycle your electronic gadgets from EcoSalon.com.


The Telluride Free Box

Telluride_Free_BoxVisiting friends in Telluride, Colorado this week, I have to go by one of my favorite places in town – the Free Box. You never know what you’ll find – shoes, clothing, sports gear, even a flat screen TV from someone moving out of town and swooped up immediately.

It’s a great way to recycle what you no longer use, or to find something useful. I think every town and neighborhood needs their own version of a Free Box.

Recycling Odds and Ends – Buttons

The UK recycling website “How Do I Recycle That?” has suggestions for recycling unusual items you may have lying around but are beyond the range of the recycling bin. They’ve got ideas for bowling balls, baby sippy cups and our choice today – buttons. Who doesn’t have some buttons lying around?

After several crafty suggestions including making coasters, earrings and button bouquets, the comments section runs wild with their own suggestions – the best part.