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Couple Vows: Waste-Free for a Year

Source: Flickr user D'Arcy Norman

Source: Flickr user D'Arcy Norman

Amy and Adam in Dallas, Oregon decided to go completely waste-free for a year. This summer they began a pledge to produce zero garbage for a year as an example of how small changes in our behavior can create large scale change if many of us act. They estimate they’ll keep one and a half tons out of the landfill this year. Multiply that by whole communities and the numbers add up quickly.

Here are a few of the things they’re doing to eliminate their garbage:

  • Avoid non-recyclable items
  • Recycle everything possible
  • Reusable bags for shopping
  • Start compost bin in backyard
  • Use only recyclable batteries
  • Grow their own produce
  • Make items such as bread, cheese, butter, granola and soap
  • Shop locally at the butcher, dairy and direct from farmers
  • Donate reusable items to thrift stores

A few things are trickier to recycle such as medical waste, cat litter and toothpaste tubes which they address. Originally spotted the couple’s story on and you can check out Amy and Adam’s blog Green Garbage Project and watch their progress. They also have a valuable Tips and Tricks section.


5 Ways to Live Rent Free

Housing is almost everyone’s biggest monthly expense. What if you could eliminate that? Erin Burt has an article on that outlines five ways to live without rent, from house-sitting to being a roomate that barters chores for rent. You may find a way to save a big chunk of change on your monthly expenses – and you could even end up living in a much nicer place than you could regularly afford. What’s not to like about that kind of upgrade?

The article has a resource list and suggestions for finding that perfect gig.  Link

Get Your Green On!

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

Celebrate your Irish heritage with a party that’s fun for adults and the wee ones. Just make one promise – no green beer!

For food, a baked potato bar. Let the kids make the decorations. And Irish music to get everyone in the mood. Talk in bad Irish accents. Make sure to have a camera for when you put in the Riverdance DVD on and the adults have had a few cocktails.

Here’s a few tips for a fun St. Patrick’s Day party from Allana Baroni at eHow.

Condition Your Hair with Vegetable Oil



Who knew that the vegetable oil in your kitchen is an ancient health and beauty practice from India. From

Many people associate oil with ‘being greasy,’ but the truth is that conditioning your hair with natural vegetable oil helps cleanse micro dust particles that cause dandruff, irritation and certain types of hair loss. Besides, massaging warm oil into your scalp is time-tested method of enhancing relaxation.

Here are the simple directions for luscious locks from

Green Gadget Tweets Your Power Usage

The Tweet-a-Watt just won the 2009 Greener Gadgets Design Competition. It uses off-the-shelf hardware that was a modified Kill-a-Watt(TM) power meter to “tweet” the daily KWH consumed to the user’s Twitter account.

This project has been released as an open source hardware project that anyone can make. Here’s the link to

Easy Homemade Mayo

Homemade mayonnaise takes five minutes and is far better than anything you’ll ever buy at the market. It’s fresh, light and you can add a bit of garlic, cayenne or wasabi to give it your own twist.

All you need is a blender or food processor, four ingredients (olive oil, egg yolks, dijon mustard, lemon juice) and five minutes. It doesn’t get any easier than that. And it’s delicious!

Here’s the recipe at

Build a Bee Box

beesbungalowmm_3Here’s a simple project to build a bee box to attract solitary bees. The boxes are designed as nesting sites for these busy pollinators.

If you have a garden, you want bees. And with all the problems bees have been having recently, giving them a safe, dry place to nest is the least we can do.

All you need is some lumber that is 4″ deep – some 2 x 4 scraps work fine, but no paint please. Here’s the link to the Sharon Cohoon article at Sunset Magazine.