Pay It Forward

I’ve been on the road the last few weeks and found myself sitting in the cozy Willamette Coffee House in West Linn, Oregon (great coffee+ pastries+happy high energy baristas+wi-fi=perfect.) There I witnessed pay it forward in action.

A regular customer had filled up her coffee punch card to earn a free beverage. Rather than take the free drink, she requested they give it away to someone else. The guy behind her in line already had his money out when they asked him if he wanted a free coffee drink. He said “Yeah, sure!” and them promptly put the money he had in his hand in the tip jar. A happy moment for all in the cafe.


4 responses to “Pay It Forward

  1. How sweet! Thanks for sharing this story. You never know how your actions will pass down the line to the next person and make their day that much better!

  2. If everyone would do one nice thing for someone outside of their circle of friends and family every day the world would be a better place.

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