Hot Hen Houses



The backyard chicken post got lots of buzz. Readers wondered what kind of housing hens need. They don’t take up much real estate, and you want to keep them clean and safe from predators. There are also moveable hen houses so you can relocate them to different areas of your yard to hunt and peck bugs and slugs.

From here are photos of the hottest in hen house design – note the one with the green roof! They have other good information on raising chickens elsewhere on their site. These photos will give you an idea on how easy it is to set your yard up for a few hens. The coops look classy and a few hens will hook you up with fresh eggs, hours of entertainment plus natural fertilizer and pest control. Cluck cluck!


One response to “Hot Hen Houses

  1. The hen house with the green roof is very eco-groovy 🙂

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