Backyard Chickens

Rhode Island Red Hen - Source: Wikipedia

Rhode Island Red Hen - Source: Wikipedia

More and more people are finding the joy of raising a few chickens in their backyard. Many cities even allow a few hens and it’s getting more popular. Fresh eggs are usually the biggest driver, but the many the side benefits include natural pest control, they eat kitchen scraps and great fertilizer for the compost pile. Each chicken has their own personality and a few birds makes a lively community.

Check with your zoning department before setting up the chicken coop to see about any regulations such as how many birds you can have. Many communities allow only hens, no roosters as they’re noisy and cause complaints. Plus the hen house will have less drama without the rooster energy around. If you have any neighbors that seem reluctant, giving them fresh eggs from your hens can go a long way in the acceptance of  your flock. Yes, I’m talking bribery here. In a good way.

Here are FAQs about raising chickens in the city from Seattle Tilth. And a list of books from with reviews for those who want more information.


One response to “Backyard Chickens

  1. When I had a few chickens, the eggs were great and the entertainment value was greater 🙂

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