Make Your Move Green

Moving day is stressful enough without worrying about your ecological foorprint. Before moving, find some recycled boxes (Craigslist under “free” or Freecycle are great sources) or reuse some from a nearby store. As you pack, have a designated box for things you don’t use anymore to donate or give away to friends. Then when you’re out and about you can drop things off and not make extra trips.

Using your move as an opportunity to find new homes for things you don’s need anymore. This simplifies your move and your life once in your new abode.

For more green moving tips, check out this from the Eco-Worrier.


One response to “Make Your Move Green

  1. I really like the idea of minimizing the number of items that you would need to move and giving them a new home. I would encourage anyone to sell or donate anything they do not use so that the item is re-used.

    For the move itself the need for boxes is inevitable. I recently ran across a company that rents fold-able plastic boxes. They are called “Plastic RentaBox” these are great and will be re-used. I am not sure of how much they cost or how they are made, but the concept is great!

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