Suitcase Shelves

Here’s a thrifty way to convert a suitcase into a functional and eye-catching shelf. You can customize with lighting, shelves and whatever you dream up. We love these pieces – they’re genius for reusing an old item gathering dust in the attic (or find old suitcases at thrift stores and yard sales) and turning it into a functional, one-of-a-kind storage solution.

While we don’t have any specific instructions for these, it looks pretty easy to figure out with a drill, glue gun and a little leftover lumber and paint for the shelves.

We found these suitcase shelves in Apartment Therapy and the items pictured are available from Vanitycase on She’ll even come and install them if you live in NYC.


2 responses to “Suitcase Shelves

  1. Sweet! I’m refering this post on my blog, is that ok?

  2. Please do! And don’t miss our recent entry on making an ottoman out of a suitcase 🙂


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