Easy to Make Solar Cooker

Solar cooking is both thrifty and fun. To use a solar cooker, you need an outdoor spot that is sunny for several hours. Food cooks best in dark, shallow, thin metal pots with dark, tight-fitting lids to hold in heat and moisture.

All you need for the Fun-Panel Cooker is a cardboard box, aluminum foil, glue and tape. Most plans take about an hour to build and they’re easy to make. Invite your friends on a sunny day, build your solar cooker and make dinner. A zero energy oven – how great is that?!

Here are plans for the Fun-Panel Cooker and 25 other plans to build your own solar cooker, from SolarCooking.org.

And some recipes from SolarOvens.org.

If you make a solar oven, send us photos and we’ll post.


One response to “Easy to Make Solar Cooker

  1. Like a solar crock pot – I want to try this!

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