Natural Remedies for Common Health Problems

Your kitchen cabinet may already have a natural remedy for what ails you, whether it’s a sore throat, indigestion or an earache. Save a trip to the drugstore and try the natural way.

A cut will stop bleeding with a sprinkling of cayenne – and no, it doesn’t burn. A few drops of garlic oil or white vinegar can help with an ear infection by creating an environment the bacteria can’t live in. White vinegar also helps with dandruff.

Herbal remedies are not a substitute for medical care when needed, but certainly worth a try if it’s a small ache or pain. Saves a trip, time, money and it’s natural. That’s both green and thrifty.

Here are fifteen natural remedies from Eco Salon.


2 responses to “Natural Remedies for Common Health Problems

  1. I love this blog ❤ This post is relevant to my interests! I have linkinated it in my own entry on herbal and natural remedies for overcoming cold and flus. Figured its relevant to people who are interested in this 🙂

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